Why are the gear animations on the 772 so unrealistic?

Like many of you, I was also pretty excited for the 772 rework… Especially the gear tilt while landing. I got the update but when I finally tried landing the 772 I realized that gear tilt was pretty disappointing. See below: Please note that both photos were taken at the same timing.

1- This is what gear animations are like in IF.

2- This is how it is in real life.

What happens is that in real life all main gears gradually touchdown even when the nose gear is still pointing up and hasn’t changed position after landing.

However, in IF, first half of the wheels stay pointing upwards after touchdown, which causes the nose gear to get pulled down to support the weight.

I don’t get why everything is so detailed on this aircraft but the gear tilt/animations is poor. Please tell me if I get something wrong. By the way, do not get me wrong, I really do appreciate all the work that was put on to it by the Devs, I love it!

Photo credits:
1st photo - Mine
2nd photo - Credit goes to Mark Brandon


Yep, the animations are flawed. However, I think the staff are aware of these issues. Also, there is an upcoming hot fix with some 772 changes so maybe we will see the landing gear improved in that update.


772 Main gear behaves like A330 main landing gear



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To add to this, the gear does not extend vertically in flight. It stays in ‘compressed’ position.


The hotfix came out the day before yesterday.


They are still working on more. The hotfix that was released hasn’t fixed some bits of what has been noted.


Don’t quote me on this, but I don’t think there is a compressed/extended position on any of the planes; the gear stays in the same place, so this would be a new feature entirely.


The A350 does, I’ve just checked. The gear looks a lot more realistic because of this.


I think that tilted gear animations are some of the hardest things to achieve. You have to create a 3D model that works from tons of different angles which is very challenging when you have wheels that react with the ground. Because of this, the team isn’t going to be able to do it perfectly, but they’ve done it pretty well in my opinion. I also expect that the gear tilt on aircraft will slowly improve over time. Keep in mind, this is only the second aircraft with gear tilt, so this is still a relatively new thing.

I believe the 777-200ER doesn’t have a strut on its landing gear, which causes both sets of tires to touchdown at different times. On the 300ER however, both sets of tires would simultaneously rise upon takeoff. Here is a video from Captain Joe that explains what I am saying: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mqPMANOEG7Y (Skip to 5:22)

Even though the gear tilt might not be realistic I’m just grateful that the 772 got reworked. I’m sure they will fix the issue later on

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Hopefully :)

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Will be addressed in the future.