Why are the doors like this?

Could someone please explain to me why the main doors on the right side of aircraft are smaller than the left side, specifically: the 737,md80family,erj170-195

Ive never known what the purpose of it is especially the md80(see pic below) it looks like u have u crouch just to get through also why doesnt airbus incorporate this the a320 is in the same category as 737 but they have the same size for all four doors…image


This is a guess maybe because typically passengers board through the left hand side doors and the one on the right are for servicing, but other then that guess I have no clue


I assume it is because the jetways are on the left side of the aircraft ,so people usually board throught the left doors. :)


Passengers always enter and exit aircraft on the left side. That’s why it’s called port side.
The right side is used for servicing and emergencies only.
Oh, or on hot days to let air in while on the ground. ;)


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But what about a320 all the doors are the same size?

Yes they are in terms of both sides of the aircraft not including emergency doors they use this as a USP believe it or not

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Because it’s a service door. That’s why planes use the left hand side doors for passengers.

This is a not main door cabin. This door is used for catering and as emergency exit!

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