Why Are the 737 Windows Blue?

Does anybody know why the devs designed the 737 with blue windows?

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They look more grey than blue to me


I don’t know maybe because its noon and the sun is reflecting off it to give it the blue color. If you try other times it may not be blue.

No at all times it looks like that.

Oh ok then I don’t know.

Has everyone else noticed it?

Nope not really.

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Does it look like that on yours?

It looks a bit grayish.

Looks pretty gray to me.
But I’m color blind so don’t trust me :)

Looks like gray to me too.

And I’m not color blind :)

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It could be the color calibration settings that are in your device. Including contrast, Hue, RED, BLUE, GREEN Settings. :)

Maybe you have developed a colour defect in your eyes Xxx

How can I turn them black?

Same gray with me! Which device do you use?
I heard some of the samsung tablets have different a color contrast on them…

I use the 6s

Okay your good try playing with your graphics…

The S6 uses a Super AMOLED Screen. This screen in particular has a high contrast setting than an ordinary LED screen. It could be that the contrast is very high making the windows blue.

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I’m quite surprised you noticed this.

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