Why are some terminals so close to eachother

I have noticed whenever im at KLAX in an A-380 parked at the gate and another Small plane like a 737 spawns and my wing hits the 737. Or if its another A-380 my wing is all the way up to to the inside of the cabin or just outside of it.

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The terminal isn’t too small, the planes are too big for the terminal.


What terminal are you starting at? I think A380s only use TBIT and only certain gates.

At LAX all A380s park at the TBIT.

LAX terminals and its primary users:
Terminal 1: Southwest Airlines
Terminal 2: Air Canada, Aeromexico, Hawaiian Airlines
Terminal 3: JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines
Terminal 4: American Airlines
Terminal 5: Delta Air Lines
Terminal 6: Alaska Airlines
Terminal 7: United Airlines
Terminal 8: United Express
TBIT: Asian and European airlines, and Qantas of Australia.

Although I noticed that the Satellite Terminal at KLIA is much too small.
In real world it accommodates Boeing 777s and Airbus A380s, but in the App neither Boeing 737s can park there without colliding.


TBIT terminals are not by The long runways at KLAX and the a
a-380s can only use the longets runways there. Do the A-380s taxi that far.

I believe that all A380s are towed into their specially designated gates by a tug at LAX due to the size of the taxi-ways / gates anyway

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  1. TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal) is the best located terminal at LAX, as it is connected to both sides of the airport, and its center position allows short taxi for inbound as well for outbound aircrafts.

  2. All arriving aircrafts land on the shorter runways 25L and 24R. Usually aircrafts that park at terminals 1, 2, 3, 4 or TBIT (northern terminals) use 24R; and aircrafts that park at terminals 5, 6, 7, 8 or cargo area (southern terminals) use 25L.
    In particular, since the most airlines which flew the A380s into Los Angeles, due to the ellipsoid form of the Earth, come from the North, they were instructed to land on 24R, the shortest runway at LAX.
    All departing flights takeoff from the longer runways 24L and 25R. This is because takeoff rolls and the possibility of abort them need more runway length then aircrafts which are landing and slowing down.

Generally said, at busy airports all over the world inbound flights use the runways which are at furthest from the terminal buildings and aprons, and outbound ones use the runways at closest to the terminals.

This is the ground chart for KLAX, and I have ringed TBIT in red. Tbh it looks pretty close to 24L and the taxi to 25R doesn’t seem too far.

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