Why are pilots with high experience levels flying on the training server?

Just curious why there are a lot of Grade 3 & 4 users flying on the Training server instead of the Expert server (where they are allowed to…). Is it due to more ATC’s available (even though they might be more unexperienced controllers?)


It’s completely up to the pilots. Sometimes they like to go onto TS, I know I do sometimes. It’s really personal preference…


It can also be due to the fact that there violation to landing ratio is too high for expert. Meaning they are restricted to training and casual.


But not enough landing/violation ratio will automatically put your grade you down to 2 or 1…right?

Not necessarily. I had a high violation to landings ratio once and I was still grade 3.


These are for a variety of reasons. Here are some that I heard from other Grade 3/4s

  1. They feel they arn’t experienced enough with their knowledge of ATC interactions.
  2. They may not be confident enough in their flying skills.
  3. Some prefer flying in major airports like KLAX which IFATC does not open too much.
  4. They may just out right not like flying in the expert server because of the risk of being ghosted.

I am sure you can find way more reasons of why people choose Training server


Honestly I’m a grade 3 but I sometimes fly on training server whenever there isn’t as much traffic on the expert server like lax, lhr, jfk, etc.

I always fly on Expert but personally i do visit TS a few times a year to do Touch and Goes in a GA and also to explore EGLL when things are a bit calmed down there. It gives me this nostalgic feeling of when i used to fly on TS and was stuck in the crazy traffic at LHR. Those days are to be remembered (sort of like what KNUC is to people who played Live Pre-Global) 😂

Also you’ll find me on Casual doing Touch n Goes there as well. It varies depending where i feel like going.

But out of 365 (366 leap year 😐) days in a year I’ll be on Expert all day and all night except a few days, i take a vacation to hell (TS)…


I like Expert Server. Much more professional people


I have found that the screen freezes periodically on expert but not on training, especially on final…


I do not know if I understand what you said, but I know that in intermediate devices, when you are in a very busy airport, like those controlled by IFATC, the tendency is for the game to lag, it will lock everything up.
However, I agree with what they said above, that G3 or above pilots go flying in the TS is a matter of preference of each one himself.

I sometimes fly on TS because it’s less crowded and it runs smoother (sometimes expert is at 67% and TS at 49%)


Same happened to me.

It all comes down to preference. Im grade 5 and I fly on casual a lot myself. If I’m a little tired but have some free time, I’ll hop on casual so if I dose off I don’t get a violation lol.


Not anymore :) The ratio does affect your Grade these days.

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I usually fly on the expert server, I don’t really like flying on the TS anymore because there are some idiots who don’t listen to the ATC nor taxi properly, I get that they’re learning but sometimes its like they don’t have ears and never listen to their violations so they don’t do it again. Some others like the training because there is more ATC’s online but eh. I don’t mind only having 1 or 2 atc’s on in expert at each different airport.


In my opinion I think the trainings server got way better and have seen tons of professional atc and Pilots. I think it is pretty similar to the expert… and I have been on the expert before when I was grade 3 before my brother racked up all my violations.


I’ll occasionally do TS for three reasons:

  1. Help provide traffic and feedback for those in my VAs or that have posted on #ATC that they are practicing for IFATC
  2. Want some exposure to ATC, even at potentially lower quality, for the routes I’m flying when my schedule doesn’t align with the IFATC schedule
  3. Keep an eye on quality on the TS to inform potential Feature request ideas (e.g. IF & IFC Integration to enhance training and communication) - I haven’t let go of the idea that we can have a higher quality experience on both servers with a few tweaks
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I like doing ATC but not yet qualified to do expert so I go on TS, I also like the challenge of picking an airport such as Schiphol and doing both ground and tower, usually gets v busy. You’ll often find me in Gatwick too.

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I’m Grade 4 & I prefer TS simply because it doesn’t lag for me as I experience ES does. Also I want to improve much more before I go on ES more confidently.