Why Are Older Aircraft Less Interesting?

It’s obvious that when planes get phased out of service, they’re dramatically less popular than before.

But why?

You expect this disregard from the industry, which is motivated to make profits and drive down costs, but from a community of aviation lovers?

It seems a little strange that a group of aviation enthusiasts would turn their backs on such a large number of aircraft.

After all, there’s a greater number of prominent planes no longer flying than those currently in the sky. From legendary fighters of the World Wars to the first commercial transports; with props, biplanes, taildraggers, and flying boats, to trimotors, heavy bombers, jet engines, and the first swept wings, there appears to be a lot of interesting stuff no longer in service.

So why is such a fundamental part of aviation less interesting?


I’m sorry, but is this a question or an explaination?


If I never got to experience something it’s hard to love it. I don’t hate old aircraft it’s just that they are mostly without any meaning to me.


I suppose the reasoning is because people think they are no longer relevant. As an example, would you have more interest in a Ferrari or a car from the 1800s?

Exactly what I was about to comment. If we are talking about the infinite flight community, the majority of users have never experienced these older aircraft, thus making it less likely for them to be interested in said aircraft. It could also be the lack of such aircraft in the IF fleet. We currently do not have any dedicated bombers, biplanes flying boats etc, maybe we will in the future, but at the moment we do not.

If this topic was targeted towards real life, perhaps a different topic category should have been chosen

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Tbh, probably a car from the 1800s. 😶


Personally im a massive fan of older generation aircraft. Pilots planes, not flying computers. Attention to unique design, not just plain white cabin with boring seats. Sound, variety, longevity. Back in the day a spotting trip would be " wow, a DC10, tristar, DC- 9, DC-8, 727, A300, A310, 747, BAE146, BAE ATP, Embraer Brasilia and so on so on. Now its 787 and A350 or A320 and 737. Bring the Classics to IF and recreate the golden age that paved the way.


I do like the DC-10 and MD-87 - only because they visit me in the summer and early fall regularly

The others don’t just mean as much. Haven’t seen ‘‘em haven’t been on ‘em

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Probably two main reasons. One for younger generations it’s hard to be attached to something you never knew. The L-1011, Mustang, DC-3, even to a lesser extent some slightly more modern planes like an MD-80 or 737 classic seem neat on paper and I get the appeal but I never knew them. Secondly they aren’t in the news, nothing with them is changing or being updated. No new customers are buying one, repainting one, or sending one on a new route. A320 NEOs, 777s, A350s, etc are in the news daily so they will always be more “popular” in terms of what is being discussed.

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I mean the SR-71 retired 24 years ago and it’s still not only undefeated but unmatched. So I guess it depends on the plane. Most newer planes have newer/cooler technology but some old aircraft hold their own.
Other old aircraft just get updated with the flow of technology like the 737. I mean that plane has been around for 43 years and is still going strong!
All in all, I feel it depends on the aircraft.

I wasn’t in World War II, yet as a fan of aviation I recognize the legendary aircraft of the era.

I also recognize them for what achievements they represent, but I am still not connected to them in any way and simply am neutral without any major interest in them since I never experienced them outside a museum

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I love older aircraft however, in IF the older aircraft are at a lower quality which makes me choose more modern aircraft. For example the 747-200 has gear tilt but no wing flex and those default sounds don’t do the plane any good either. Even though I have never seen most of these aircraft I can’t help but love the noise and designs of them

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I mean I do like the De Havilland Comet and I know many people are still pretty much into warbirds like spitfires too

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the answer to your question is we have future demands to meet

This is a shame. Aviation knowledge is being limited to what’s only in the mainstream sky, thus denying the experience of countless other aircraft in the simulator.

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I understand that. I just assumed that aviation enthusiasts would look at aviation as a whole, not just what they’ve flown on.

I never flew Ford Trimotors, but I know about them because they were significant. Which is precisely why I thought these old planes would be great to have in a simulator since they are so difficult to fly otherwise.

I don’t dislike any aircraft actually. Old or new. I do like the newer aircraft more than the older and it comes down to several reasons why. The main reason is safety. Being the pilot I am, I’d rather fly a plane that is more user friendly and easier to learn. I would take big screens over dozens of 6-pack style instruments any day.

Looks are like books; you can’t judge them by their cover. All planes were designed with interesting looks because of their purpose. The liveries these aircraft wear also affects the looks but in a different kind of way.

History is also important with these aircraft. World War planes have seen combat that we could only imagine. The first passenger planes were giving people a new perspective of Earth. Some of these aircraft paved the way we see aviation today. A very good example is the 747. It was the first jumbo jet and it leaded the way to how aviation travel would become today. When the last 747 was delivered, it marked the end of an era for those type of aircraft.

The future is also important to consider. Many new planes like the 737 max and A350 will be leading the way into the future. We have already seen some of the interesting concepts that have been revealed as well as official projects that could be a game changer for the aviation world such as the Overture.

One of my favorite old planes is the DC10. The reason I like this aircraft is not for the history it has, but what it is doing now. 10 Tanker has modified several DC10s into fire fighting aircraft. They have also painted them into this one of a kind livery.

Old planes are like old cars; they may no longer be relevant today, however, with love and care, they can last several lifetimes. Humanity won’t forget what we have created and they never will.


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