Why are my topics not being posted

So I made a real world aviation topic and it said it was pending but it never posted and I don’t know if it was rejected or if it has not been looked at yet.


If I’m not wrong, I think RWA topics have to be approved by a moderator. Hope this helps.

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Your topic was rejected since it did not comply with the category guidelines:

Your topic was “What’s your favorite aircraft?”.


Oh, there were some #features also I don’t remember what they were but I know they followed the guidelines.

Unfortunately not.

One was for the Beechcraft Bonanza which there’s already a topic for. No need to have several. (Beechcraft Bonanza G36)

The other one was for ATC announcing a warning for wake turbulence, a feature we don’t have. Even though there’s no specific guidelines for that exactly, i would assume the decision to reject it was made due to an announcement for something like that would serve little purpose without the actual feature.


Ok thank you

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