Why are my landings in the past 90 days going down?

Okay, so I’m on IF, and 1 week ago, my landings for the past 90 days were at 128. And now, they are at 111. What is happening!

You didn’t land.

Because during that time you may have done quite a few landings on one day therefore as it progresses you will find that one day you will be short of landings it happens to me when I do a lot of touch and goes on one day

The landings you made on the 90th day no longer count after it has passed.


Well if he didn’t land it just wouldn’t add anymore. Shouldn’t take away landings he already did.

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Yes, I did … And even if I don’t, it still shouldn’t go down?

It does, if you don’t land it won’t add to your 90 day landigns

For example 90 days ago you did 15 landings that means tomorrow it will take off 15 landings as that happened outside of the 90 days, hope this helps

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That requirement is nonsense. I think it should be removed.

No, otherswise it would be more days to the title

It is a rolling 90 days as explained so can go down.

Why is it nonsense? It encourages you to keep practising what everyone acknowledges is the hardest thing - landings.


Landings aren’t the hardest because taking off can be horrible

I agree if you don’t fly enough in 90 days then you shouldn’t be Grade 4 this is just part of why and helps people increase their grade

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