Why are my landing stats going backwards?

I noticed this yesterday while looking at my stats. I just completed a flight today and checked again. Instead of the counter advancing 1, it went backwards 1. Anybody have any ideas why this would be?

Landings expire after 90 days, so it’s going down based on what you’ve flown exactly that timeframe before now, it’s on you to keep the counter consistently high.


I fly at least 1 flight/day. Unless it’s literally at that 90 day threshold.

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But good to know. Thank you!

You say “at least”. There’s a good chance you flew more than once then.

I’ll keep an eye on it

Sometimes they don’t count my landings

Are you looking at total landings, or landings (90 days)?


Landings for 90 days. Which what somebody else said above probably makes sense.


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