Why are my flights not saved in the logbook in "all flights"?

Since the last update I noticed that in the logbook in “all flights” my flights are not registered, and in “live flights” they are save. Am I the only one? Please help me. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hey Bud,

Can you provide screenshots of your “LiveFlights” and “All Flights” logbook?

“All Flights” will show all of your flights stored on your device, where “Live Flights” will provide all of your flights on your account.


In “all flights” my flights are not saved.

Restart app and device and let me know if that fixes it.

Its not a major problem, but that would bother me as well

Have you made your flights on the same device or have you been using multiple devices?
As @Balloonchaser mentioned above, “All flights” only shows the flights that have been done on the device you are currently holding. “Live flights” shows all your flights done on any of the Live servers regardless of device.

Reinstall the app at this point, would only change one thing;
The flights in “All flights” will disappear.

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I have uninstall the application?

Try just restarting the app (Hitting the home button twice and swipe the app up) first.

Did not works. Will you give another advice?

Can you please answer my questions above before we continue this?

I make flights on one device.

@Captain_Awerty is right here. Since the update, I’m experiencing this too. My flights get continuously updated in the Live Flights tab. But the All flights tab never saved an entry of a flight that I flew after updating.

So I’m not alone with this problem …

Thank you, guys, for help. I’ve reset the apps and it helped. :)

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