Why are most american airlines/airports so bad? (no offense)

I just notice that in regards to customer product/customer service and aircraft (sometimes) seem to be much behind many other developed/rich nations airlines eg. Emirates,Qatar,Ethiad,cathay pacific, Sinagpore airlines, air new zealand, qantas

no offence please dont take this offensive I know there are many american patriots. its just that they lack some of the things these other airlines have even though the usa is a developed/rich nation.

Someone said this was nationalism do you know what that means i am not stating one nations airlines i am stating multiple therefore i do not support one specific nation.

I know there airports are not extremley bad but for the economic strenght of the usa i was assume better airports/airlines


Just because… I don’t have an answer because I rarely see videos of the US Carriers, although I heard Southwest is quite good for a LCC


Well American Airlines sounds great. You forgot Virgin!

I’ve been to JFK (Terminal 7) before. After getting off the HKG-JFK flight, it wasn’t really good.
Firstly, there weren’t many TSA personnel at the immigration counter. Took 3 hours to get from the boarding gate to the exit (and that’s only a 777-200ER).
And when I got on the return flight, a TSA officer stole some stuff from my luggage. Not good.

Compare it to SIN or HKG, and it’s no contest.


I don’t like to tall about it. O’Hare is very nice though also San Fran (Why!!!). But LAX is making renovations. That’s good right. But the US has a problem with there airports. But other countries (cough cough Dubai cough Abu Dabi cough Doha Cough) have money to spend on there airports so they will add anything they need. Sad though we have the low quality airports. Especially Honolulu.

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So true man( wait, I’m not American, lol ) I don’t know how are the airports, lol…


LAX’s Tom Bradly Terminal is ok. But like me mum said, “Once you go the the terminals it’s like you walked onto the Ghetto side of the airport.” Meaning it’s very run down and not the best.

MaxSez: I take exception @Matthew_Harrison. What are your qualifications to support your conclusions. . I flagged your topic as inappropriate and insulting. Nationalism has a place and it’s not this Forum.


Those other countries you’re talking about all have had fairly consistent modern renovations. American airports tend to lag behind in their necessary renovations (LaGuardia anyone?). Also most people tend to not get to the airport the 2 hours they should be here and are only in the airport for an hour. Do not much need to have an extravagant airport when people are only in the secure area for like 15-25min.

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how is this nationalism i am not supporting one nation! do you know what that means?

i stated more then one airline not just one nations airline

I completely agree. The US just isn’t getting enough money in to make these renovations to make any good improvements. Newark is the worst airport I’ve been to. There are good airports here, but they aren’t as prosperous as ones like Oslo, Reykjavik, or London.

As far as airlines, it’s just how American capitalism works. Pay moderate money for a service that won’t really matter in the long run to the airlines.

Most US airports are run by local authorities aren’t they? Might explain why airport renovations often lag behind if authorities have other things to deal with that need funding.

THEY ARE NOT BAD. It is much better than in Chile!

I LUV southwest

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It depends on the airport really. There are good ones like DEN, SFO, SJC, DTW (Delta Terminal), BOS etc. that have nice facilities, and are designed to handle the operations they do. Keep in mind that airports like SIN, HKG, DXB etc. are very new in comparison to many airports in the US. The air travel boom hit early on in the US, and cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago have huge airports, but lack the space to build new modern ones. I would agree that some airports need improvement, and some are working to improve. The US used to lead in that regard, but we have fallen behind.

As for the airlines, the big 3 (AA, DL, UA) provide excellent service, if you’re in first class. If you fly coach, it is moderate. They make money that way. They charge a premium for premium service, and charge moderately for minimal service. That’s just capitalism. Airlines like Sourhwest and JetBlue treat everybody the same, since they tend to have only economy class on their planes. That way they can make the service strong for everybody, and won over the passengers who won’t pay for first class on one of the big 3.

Most US airports are old and outdated because they were built as architectural marvels of their time. That time has passed and the US is left with drab terminals with no incentive to upgrade them. New terminals now will fall into the same state as US airports in 30-40 years.

The reason why our airports suck is because our PoS government would rather invest billions and trillions into Wallstreet and war instead of focusing on our infustructure.


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In my opinion America just doesn’t have as much money to spend on airport related stuff as the wealthier countries like the UAE and Hong Kong.

Airlines are privately run enterprises. It’s not up the the American government to dictate their service level…that’s for the airlines, the consumer and the free enterprise system to determine.

Renovating older airports costs money…where does that money come from? Taxes. Who pays the taxes? The taxpayer. Americans don’t want to pay more taxes to fund nice looking new terminals when the one that’s there gets the job done.

It’s really not fair to compare older American airports newer ones in developing countries, especially ones in the Middle East funded by oil rich governments awash in cash when oil was $100+bbl

As a general rule the newer airports and terminals are nice.