Why are landings so hard!

In 70 online flights I have only managed 2 landings. Has anyone got any tips on how to do a good landing. I really need help. Plz. Thankyou


Practice is solo. Use flaps. Use APPR to line up and get you the proper landing angle, or just go in solo, do the short final, and practice and don’t make huge movements either:)


The landing tutorials on their YouTube channel is a big help along with what Alpha said.


Approach at 200-220kts then down to 180kts when 20nm to dest, 140-160kts on final ILS full flaps. Descend from 3000’-1000’ AGL along the ILS till 4.8nm then smoothly descend to RWY level with all manual controls. Hang tight with your throttle, remember don’t lose airspeed according to your aircraft.


Practice makes perfect. Check out the tutorials Infinite Flight have on their YouTube channel, It can be very useful. Landing speeds ect differ on different aircraft.


Practice make perfect 👌


That’s the simple way to put it, or you can practice simulator flight with a RC plane


In my case it’s that I dont always have time to land the plane or I need my phone for something else so I’ll just end the flight. I mean I have almost 1000 online flights but only 200 landings.


Just keep landing until you get good at it. Tip watch tutorials on Infinite Flight Youtube


The best tips I had been given are these.

  1. When entering the red cone be 2,500-3,500 feet off the ground.
  2. Be at 170-180 knots air speed when 10 nm from the airport.
  3. Remember the flare.
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I’d say down to minimum appr speed when you’re on the ILS. 170-180 is still too fast, should be base speed.

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Only two landing out of 70?? Can you explain which part is giving you the most trouble?

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Pitch for airspeed and use power to steady your rate of descent.

Keep the airspeed on the desired approach speed by pitching up if your airspeed goes up and pitching down when your airspeed slows.

Use the throttle along with pitch changes to keep a steady rate of descent to achieve a proper glide path while keeping the speed steady.

As you get closer to threshold use throttle for speed since pitch will now control your aim point on the runway. Approx 1/2 mile to touchdown.

Use rudder for any crosswind by using either the crab method or wing low method. The wing low method is in the crosswind tutorial.

The key to flight is to make small changes which in turn require small corrections. Keep practicing and you’ll get it


I suggest you take a look at some tutorials on the forum as well as practice on solo.

I have to disagree with the majority of what has been said above. Approach and landing speeds aren’t fixed values. They are set based on a number of variables.

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When you want to landing from short flying or long hauls try to decrease your speed into 250knots in 10000ft and continues to be reduced, till you reach 1000ft in 160knots with flaps 20° and spoiler change from flight to Armed and control your Phone to smooth landing


Here are some tutorials that may help you:




Take a look here:

What’s covered there also applies to GPS Approaches, but there’s no guarantee you won’t impact terrain.

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One tip I would like to advice, don’t forget to use trim to centralise your controls. Therefore when you try to flare at the last moment before touching the ground you can do it way more easily. Trim varies on different aircraft types though.


Short final

Other than the hackneyed repy: practice, practice, practice - the other suggestion is to find a input controller: gamepad or joystick. If tilt control isn’t working for you then an alternative means of control might help instead?

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