Why are GA aircrafts unpopular?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been on Infinite Flight since global and I’m still surprised by the low number of people flying GA aircrafts. As on 2024-02-10T16:00:00Z (that was when I looked up on InfiniteInfo), I’ve seen max 5 to 10 GA flyers on each server (CS surprisingly having the most, maybe a pure coincidence). Though I don’t like comparing IF traffic with IRL, it’s really surprising that almost no one flies GA aircrafts on regular days.

Of course I don’t force anyone to fly GA but since I want to contribute a bit to the expansion of this type of airplanes, I just wanted to know why the hype of flying GA is not as high as it probably should be.

Is it because of the low quality of the scenery, of the absence of 3D clouds or mainly weather or the lack of diversity in GA planes? I’ll be glad to read your reasons.


Probably because people like simulating commercial flights compared to GA


they should really bring back GA days from a few years ago, it was a nice change of scenery, flying style, and was nice to see a ton of little props flying about


Commercial flights are much more interesting. Too many people fly GA aircraft in real life already, but being an airliner pilot is something special. Same goes for military aviation.
So, most people who play flight simulator games are either interested in commercial or military aviation. The latter is more of a side business for IF, other games do that better (those then often lack the alternatives), so commercials are the main focus. They are also what IF is mostly marketed for.

And of course, the ground graphics and lack of 3D cities or forests in IF don’t really provide a motivation to stay close to the ground, so that doesn’t help


i really miss ga days

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I fly GA very so often but I do prefer commercial flying over GA flying and I’ll give you my reasons:

  • I fly commercial in real life more then GA
  • More commercial airports are 3D
  • Lack of GA aircrafts and lack of reworked GA aircrafts
  • Doesn’t provide much of a different challenge then commercial flying (ex: navigating around bad clouds or storms, etc)

Those are just a few reasons that I came up with. I do really enjoy GA flying but I do get bored of it really fast.

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Yeah you are completely right but now I’m wondering if it’s possible to hype some people to fly GA. For example, for ATC, staffing more GA airports?

I can see that weather and scenery plays a huge role in this, hope that in the near future this could help growing GA traffic.


I think now it wouldn’t work with the new IFATC schedule as controllers and pilots tend to go to the big hubs like EGLL. But having GA events featured on the schedule might help.


For me, it’s because the scenery is not super high quality when you’re low to the ground.


I totally agree with you. The low quality of the scenery makes VFR flying harder, especially on flat terrain.


I like doing GA flights. Especially to augment irl GA flight experience I’ve had.

So, I’ve done a lot of flying around Phoenix and the state of Arizona where I can definitely connect the IF experience to the real experience.

Second most common place I have checked out is probably between Big Sur thru Monterey Bay and north to San Fransico.

The terrain variation and idiosyncrasies around the above areas (and tons more places on earth of course) are particularly well suited to GA exploration.

I find one of the best things is to check out the terrain in more detail for an area where you are somewhat familiar by having been there irl and you want to try what if scenarios with the local geography.

And then of course the GA aircraft are great for practicing irl procedure fluency.

One fun thing to do is to force yourself to exclusively fly GA aircraft (the slower ones) for some good amount of time, and then you get a real kick in the pants when you abruptly go back to a faster aircraft type.


I’d love more GA flights and atc’s. I’m watching a feed of all the GA and private jets flying into Vegas…a GA day would be great! More planes possibly would help, with working avionics.

Because people are building landings with T&Gs

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Quite frankly the MD-11 is much more fun of challenge to fly then GA aircraft. However sometimes I do some cruising in the TBM.

Honestly TBM flights into small airports is underrated in IF…

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