Why are FNFs on Expert?


Whenever I see FNFs posted, they say that they’re on all servers, but people always fly them on Expert. Why is that?



Because most of the people on the community fly mainly on expert + IFATC have to be at that airport!


But then why not just change the server to Expert? I mean if we want to keep it on all servers we might as well have an FNF ATC team to control on TS.

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People on T/S can control where ever they want

Yes, but without good ATC, people don’t want to fly on FNFs

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And now I think you answered your primary question “Why people don’t always fly on Training Server at the FNF”. Pilots prefer to fly there where ATC is experienced.

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Then what about Casual? Wouldn’t it be fun to just have a ton of people at one airport that’s slightly organised, full of IFC members on Casual?

There have been FNF’s or Flash Flights organized on casual and it was pretty fun. It’s not only Expert or Training. The Friday Night Flight takes place in all servers.

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But why is the majority on Expert? Do people like to spend 45 minutes queuing?

People like realism and expert gives you the most realistic experience over the two other servers. That’s why you’ll almost never see me fly on the other servers like I’m sure other people do.


Most of the people don’t fly on expert. TS has more people than ES. You can check the numbers from Infinite Flight Tracker.

Also, TS deserves FNFs too.


TS already has FNF…

FNF is not bound to a specific Server, it’s for all servers. More people tend to fly for FNF on Expert to take part of the Advanced, Well-Trained ATC rather than the new beginners trying get a grip of how things work over at TS.’

TS has overall more users that fly there but during FNF, Expert Server is bound to be crowded and often times the most used one. But you can still enjoy FNF on TS since ATC will be one there all time and provide service non-stop.


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