Why are certain airports shown on the map?

Hello community!
I’ve finally managed to remember asking this:

How are airports chosen to be “highlighted” or why are some small airports shown in the map when you zoom off instead of other bigger airports?

Here’s an example to make my question easier to understand…

In this case for example…
Why is KBJC shown instead of KDEN? Or why is Boeing Field shown instead of KSEA?


This is an interesting observation. 🤔


I’ve been having this confusion for a while. Every time I had to zoom in to search for LAX and SFO 😂


I think it’s related to when the airport was last edited as a whole (not just partial fixes and stuff).

In your case, BJC was edited more recently than DEN and BFI was also edited well after SEA.

(I’m not 100% sure either)


Yep, I’m pretty sure Claudio is correct. KHEF was updated just recently, while before, the most recent edit in the DC Area was KADW, which was showing prior to KHEF.

Ah that’s interesting, I have the answer finally, thanks

Yea, that’s what I was thinking, i’ve seen a few updates where airports like KADS and @Tsumia’s edited KVGT started showing up over major airports in the area.

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I believe it’s related to the number of spawns at the airport (More Spawns = Layered First). Nothing the team and I can do about it though, as it’s our policy to add spawns wherever planes park IRL.


This is my bet as well. Hubs with terminals usually have a bunch of gates that are spread out to fit jets. Big GA airports have spots placed much closer together to fit way more little planes.

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Its spawns, notice the spam at airports like KDLH and KFCM I did that’s why.


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Also, my game for a home in Seattle at KSEA Airport clicked for map, too…

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