Why are all the A330-300 liveries with Trent 700s?

I was scrolling though the A330 liveries,when I realized that all the A330-300s were powered by that slim engine casing,the Rolls Royce Trent 700. There are many livery requests for A330-300s,but most of them have the other engines,the CF6 and PW4000. The 747-400 has the CF6 on most,but the RB211s on the British and Qantas liveries. So then why can’t the A330 have the other engines too?


Yea as soon as the Airbus A330 rework happens they will probaly change the engines. It’s a pretty old aircraft which needs to be updated.

This topic only has a couple of votes😉 but I would vote for it if you want it

Just because FDS improved realism with the years.
The a330 is older than the 747:
If you look in-game, the a330 was released in November 2013, the new 747 in December 2014;-)

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