Why are aircraft always boarded from the left side?

Hey everyone! Today I found a very interesting video answering the question: Why are aircraft always boarded from the left side?

I think you will be surprised by the answer!


Great video, I was not expecting that answer. Thanks for sharing this video with us :)

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no problem! I thought itd be very fascinating.


Captain Joe is better 😂 ah just kidding, I like both guys the same. Thanks for sharing this video, found it quite interesting!


Nice and easy explanation, like his vids very much :)


Mentor Pilot is one of the You Tubers that I watch frequently.

He briefly touched on the point but it also explains why the right hand side of a vessel (ship or aircraft) is called the Starboard side as in the “Steering Oar or Steering Board SIde”,whilst the left hand side is known as the “Port” side as this is where the vessel was put along side a quay to load cargo. However to be picky at the time when steering boards/oars where in common place rather than a rudder the cargo vessels where generally run up a beach to load and unload rather than stay afloat on a berth. Logical reasons behind it anyway!

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I found it fascinating that it was for traditional reasons and not technical!

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