Why an Airline and why not?

Hi everyone, I was looking around all topics in #real-world-aviation and I’ve seen a lot of discussion about airlines, because some people like it and others do not.

Here we are to discuss why it’s good for you an Airline and why not?

Leave down here your own opinion, you’re free to express yourself

• Everyone is able to post and discuss for any AIRLINE
• If you want to discuss for one of them, you have to post firstly the AIRLINE (Like this)

Enjoy the Discuss!

I don’t understand. You’re telling us to talk about airlines, but we’re not allowed to say them?


Yes, I was editing the topic!
You’re all able to discuss about any AIRLINE you want!

Nvm, you edited.

I’m sure a lot of peeps know this but UNITED got a new livery.

I haven’t ever flyed with that airline, but seems great.

My dad has mileage plus with Ual.

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It’s good UNITED?

Virgin Australia nice liveries boi!

I recommend marking a specific target when creating any kind of topic. That’s why #real-world-aviation Category was created. You can’t just throw out a random topic about “Airliners”. Just be more specific. I am saying this because this will clog up the thread. The information here may just become a mess.

In that case, in relation to your previous topic, I recommend talking about Lauda Motion specifically.

I like airlines too in general.

Alaska Airlines has some planes I think

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I can forsee this turning into a “chatroom”. I think we’ll pass on this. Thanks!