Why am I still experiencing this subscription problem again

I thought this was fixed last night I wake up this morning and 2 have crashed so I restart the flight I am just about to take off with my last plane bc I fly for planes at once bc I own 4 accounts and phones and out of the blue the app crashes I open it up and same problem that was fixed last night happens again and another issue I am having I thought was part of this community again why can’t I long in with my ip address I have to connect to a vpn every time I want to log into IFC can someone please explain what is going on

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It’s a known issue and the devs are working on it. Check out this thread for more info.

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Hey ! there’s no problem you will not lose your if subscription. it’s a bug, dev are working hard on it !
thx for your patience :)

Ok they are working on that but what about my other issue with logging into my IFC account at the ip address I live at

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Try login on an other device

Ok I hope this works

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Thanks captain

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There is still heavy load on all servers. Once the hype for v20.1 dies down, everything will get back to normal


haha your welcome :)

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I really hope so

It is, I promise. You did not loose your subscription unless it expired within the past few days.

Actually I just realized I was still connected to my VPN lemme try it now

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Nope still experiencing it

This is on all my devices

try login with google ?

I know I did not loose my subscription I am not worried about that I am more worried about not being able to fly in if bc of this issue

That’s what I always log in with

This was like about 2-3 weeks ago where I was being the issue creating new accounts try to start a havoc so they banned be from logging in from this ip address me and schllyburg had a chat I realized I was wrong on what I did and I basicly begged for mercy and a week later he gave me one last chance but he forgot to clear my ip address thing

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ok just PM @schyllberg :)

Thanks I was just about to do that too