Why am I still banned from expert server when I had a violation 3 grade for a week and it's been 10 days?

I don’t know who the controller was at the time.

Can you provide a screenshot of your grade table?

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Hey there! If you are still banned from expert just take a short flight on the training server and that should solve your issue!

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This could be a issue 🤔

You can check your logbook to see who issued the report.

@Michael_Sides1 tagging a Supervisor is not necessary, only the controller at the time needs to be involved

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Try a quick flight on any server first. If that doesn’t help, drop a screenshot of your grade table :)


Ok everybody thank you so much for your suggestions!

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This has happened to me twice already

I was reported once, and I just need to land and fly and I was back on grade 3 in no time!

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