Why am I seeing the tutorials on the homepage?

Hey IFC!

I was wondering why today I am seeing the tutorials on the home screen of the IFC? Even when there’s no replies on the topic.


Probably an edit.

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It looks the topics had been edited and have now shown up as latest topics.

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Tags are being added. This counts as an edit and being bumped to the top.


I saw this earlier and I was like…



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We were almost placing bets on how long it would take for a topic about that to appear :)


This was a while ago… Please feel sorry for my notifications schyllberg 😜


You know there’s a setting for that? 😂

He likes it for some reason. I couldn’t bare to do this, it’s a real pain. Just end-on-end notifications popping up on your screen, especially for IOS users. Luckily you aren’t @Ondrejj 😂

Notifications going off like crazy, heads explode 🤯 Tyler wins the forum for the day 👏


@Tyler_Shelton’s army invading the IFC, 2020 Colorized:

Sorry, gang! A little bit of tidying up as we assign tags to help users filter out tutorials a bit better. We didn’t know it would cause all of them to be bumped but hey, can’t hurt to refresh some material. 😉


Forgiven 😎, we know it’s for the better.

Some retro videos are cool! 😎

To be honest I think we do need an update of these videos soon since we have so many new ATC features and have advanced so far. I would volunteer to do this, but I’m not comfortable with my voice unless like I use a expensive microphone I don’t have the money for and a load of editing software. I’d end up sounding like the ATC itself 😂

That’s the plan! We’ve been more focused on the pilot side since we do have a full manual available which dives much deeper into the technicalities of ATC. That said, we’ll have an entirely refreshed library in time! 🙂

Thanks for the offer. I’m sure you’d do great!