Why am I receiving overspeed violations?

Why am I receiving speed violations?

Speed restrictions are put into place for 2 reasons.

  1. Federal Aviation Administration regulations
  2. Airframe limitations placed on the aircraft by the manufacture

Speed restrictions

250 KIAS (Knots indicated air speed) at or below 10,000 MSL (Mean sea level). Placed by the FAA.

VNE (Speed Never Exceed) This varies per aircraft, but typically an Airliner is 350 KIAS moving to .87-.89 Mach. The Dash 8 is significantly less, as well has having a lower service altitude. Knowing the aircraft you are flying is a must.

How to avoid these violations.

During climb it is ok to set the A/P speed to maintain under the 250 KIAS to 10,000. However you need to watch the speed until you are leveled off at cruising altitude. As we gain altitude the indicated airspeed will decrease while keeping the same Mach speed. So setting the A/P at a lower altitude while climbing will result in a violation.

Descent you may set your speed descending, however particular attention needs to be taken to make sure your V/S doesn’t cause you to remain at the same speed while trying to loose it, or gain speed if the V/S is too great. This is especially true in a heavy aircraft.

Known overspeed bugs

There is only one bug in which once a overspeed warning has sounded for a given period of time uncorrected. It will continue to sound, but not give out violations when corrected.

The autopilot is a great tool, but it is not a substitute for the person flying the aircraft!


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What a lot of people including myself do is set the first descent altitude to something over 10000, so when we hit that altiude, we can slow to below 250 and then continue descending.

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That’s fine to do however what I stated still can occur. You can very well set an altitude above 10,000 and receive violations while descending for the reasons stated.


hmmmm…I never got a speed violation above 10,000. I’ve crusied at mach .93 before lol

Really not sure that’s a brag there


Sometimes in real life commercial planes are allowed to go faster than 250 knots below 10,000 feet.

Yes, but that’s not how it is in Infinite Flight as you know.


Is it possible to add ATC permission to accelerate faster below 10k feet? Or is that difficult to add?

Nothing is impossible, but there’s no need for it.

Only outside the US. Some countries allow their controllers to authorize speeds greater than 250kts below 10,000ft MSL, but no controller in the US is allowed to instruct an aircraft to exceed 250kts under 10,000ft MSL and no pilot can accept such a clearance.

The only speed limit a controller (in the US) is allowed to lift is the 200kts below 2,500ft AGL within 4nm of the primary airport in Class C and D airspace.


Brag? Why would it be something to brag about? I’ve gone .93 and never got a violations others have done less speed and gotten violations tats the only thing I was getting at… geesh

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