Why am I put on Unicom when I join, when there is an active ground frequency?

Hey guys,

Just started the FNF and 5 minutes in, I tell Unicom that I’m taxiing to 28R. As I start taxiing I’m told by ground frequency - “where did they come from!?” - to contact them. I am then told to wait for clearance before taxiing.


5 mins in, and I’ve already been told off!

Are ground frequencies automatically connected to all the time when you join, or did this controller happen to join just as I start taxiing?


You are automatically switched from Unicom to Tower and ground when hes become active

Ok thanks. I’ll try the Fnf again!

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That happened to me too. I joined SoCal on Advance in SAN, no active ATC so I started my pushback. All of the sudden “Please wait for clearence before taxing”, I was like “mmm… oK ?”

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Server? Free flight : Playground : Advanced? Which One

Ah sorry. Advanced.

It’s for connection reasons. To make sure you are active when you join, and tower doesn’t get confused. (I’m pretty sure)

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That was the worst FNF I’ve ever had. The bad start was a sign xD

  1. Trying to manoeuvre the 747 on the ground was disgusting.

  2. Realised that I’m grade 4 and have no [insert a certain word here] clue what transition means. That made me sad.

  3. Made a complete fool of myself realising on right base that I was going to land the wrong direction to the other players (not on same runway, but next to me they would have been taking off past me on final) so I changed my mind about 4 times.

  4. Auto pilot was accidently disengaged during a lag spike causing the nose to fall rapidly, putting me solid distance below the localizer.

  5. Need more practice on 747, as the landing was completely butchered (before even more painful taxiing - missed the parking gate 3 times).

Rant over. I’m sorry I inflicted this comment on you! Have a good day!

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