Why am I nothing getting grade 3

What’s stopping me from getting grade 3? Can someone tell me why?

It looks like you have 6 violations in the past year. The max allowed for Grade 3 is 5 violations in the past year. You’ll need to wait until your sixth-most recent violation is a year old.


Okay, what a long wait. And I got them when I was that perfect with Atc. Can’t IF give us wavier at least for the first time on this platform by cancelling all our violations?

Respectfully, having flown over 10,000 hours and controlling for IFATC, violations given by IFATC are given only when pilots are legitimately doing something that impedes with traffic. They don’t want to report you any more than you want to be reported. Getting 6 violations in the past year from ATC and thinking you are being perfect with ATC likely stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of ATC instructions. However, if you are still inclined to think that they messed up every single time and not you, you can contact @appeals to try to get it sorted.


Click on “Show Violation History” and share a screenshot of that page.

We may be able to help you if you are receiving Level 3 violations for the same/similar reasons over and over again.

Plus we will then also be able to tell you when you will get back to Grade 3!


What would be the point? It’s a learning experience. And giving this stuff out would have people learn nothing. Which means, in due time, you would be making this same topic all over again.


Thanks , uploaded it now

Based on this, and so long as you do not receive anymore Level 2/3 violations, you will be able to obtain Grade 3 again on approximately June 30, 2023. Remember to follow all instructions issued by ATC. If you have an issue, you can contact @appeals and they can look in to it and also give you more info on the violation. I recommend that you check out the #ground-school posts that are available to help yourself become more proficient. Happy Holidays!

You have wayyy to much violations, sorry :(

I don’t think you can get any level 2/3 violations if you cannot fly on the Expert Server

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Lmao, fair point!

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