Why am I not on leaderboard?

Hello! On the infinite flight leaderboards for all time flight hours someone had 2065 hrs and I have 2075. Why am I not on the leaderboards?(upload://zOARpYordUE8Oay6ARpkHQMbPaC.jpeg)

The leaderboards may be slow to update, and maybe if you change the criteria for the leaderboard, you may show up

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I haven’t flown in three days… Would it be that long?

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I think all your 2075 hours should be on the expert server alone. If you had few hours on casual or training server, that might be why. Same with me as well. I have close to 2300 hours but I’m not there yet.

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The flight time leaderboard is not updated, every other one is except the flight time total.


Well then we might as well remove it?


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