Why am I not in the server?

Do i get gosted for going AFK now? So lemme get this strait u park at a gate go AFK for the night like real pilots do with there aircraft and uget gosted are u serious but u don’t get gosted for terrible flight planing or get violations for pushing back with no flight plan I know there was a server update last night but they said we would be back online WTF


Interesting… could you provide more details surrounding the report? Deers explanation below

Servers will be updating as the notice said. You may continue your flight normally and you’ll reconnect automatically. You were NOT issued a violation by ATC. No further action is required by you.


Ok well I wasn’t in the sever but now I am back in i don’t know why I got kicked 5 minutes ago that’s all I am doing important flights airlines flights where I go to each of the airline hubs I doing Delta with an A330 American with the 777-300ER and United with the 777-200ER

Answered and addressed