Why am I not gaining XP?

For some reason I fly for a very long time and land and take off, but I still don’t get xp. Please someone help? I’m still at 0 Xp

Are you flying on live or solo?

I’ve tried both… And still nothing happens

You only get XP for live. Try to do a couple touch and goes on live again and see what happens.

It still is not going up. Plus it says I have no time online but I’ve played online for a long time now…

@carson change this to bugs categories

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@Tyler_Shelton time for you buddy

Thought it should be in support since it does not follow bug template and is most likely a solvable issue.

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Ho do I get this fixed?

You are signed into your live account? (Just clarifying)

Yes, I go through Facebook

Can you please edit your post or comment your device and operating system. Thanks!

iPhone 6s IOS 9.1

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iPhone 6s iOS 9.1

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Wait until David posts and figures it out. It may take a few days but most if not all support categories get resolved:)

What does the top right corner connection status indicator look like? Color?
Can you show a screen shot of the flight in progress with that indicator visible and then the post flight screen that shows immediately after ending the flight please?
Can you see other pilots around during these flights?

It sounds like you may have lost the connection during flight maybe?

I cant see anyone else. I can’t seem to find a way to post a screenshot? But, In the top right corner there are 3 bars which are orange. But on the bottom task bar it says “connection”, and under it, it says “Connecting…”

You can post one to imgur and link it here. I’m not sure if new users can post one directly.

ok! Thank you. Your network connection is the problem. It’s not the app, so you’ll need to try troubleshooting your WiFi router and modem. Sometimes it’s just an easy fix by unplugging those for about 10 seconds then plug them back in, restart the device and try again.

Good luck :)

This wouldn’t be an appropriate bug report as it’s not an app bug. :)