Why am I not at grade 2?

But it is not in orange?

You have 8 in the last one day, max is 5. Doesn’t have to be in orange.

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Yupp 8 in the past 24 hours instead of 5


You had three more violations in that day so you can’t be at grade 2.

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It is usually because of unneeded speed violations while I am doing my decent into KSAN

Watch your speed below 10k, try and keep your plane below 250kts. I keep mine between 180-200 for most if final then slow it down to 150-160 on touchdown. These easy to avoid violations can really set you back, specially if you want to get into the expert server


This is like from 20,000 to 2,000 feet is what I am talking

the real question is
how the hell do you get more than 5 violations in one day


A system like a robot keeps track of your violations not a person. So you can’t violate that rule in ANY way.

Maybe he gets confused with ground speed from other planes so he does the same thing.

“fool me once, shame on you
fool me twice, shame on me”


Decend earlier. Control you decent rate with speed, not altitude lost per minute. So before you start decent, slow down, then go down. Once on the way down, if your speed rises above 240(10 knot safety margin) raise the nose a bit. If it drops below 135, lower the nose a bit.


Have a look at this.

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You have too many violations. Just wait a few days and you’ll be grade 2!

Not judging, but how did you get so many violations? I’m a grade 3 and only have 1 or 2 total violations.


I usually speed at 320kts when above 12,000ft. Then, at 10,000ft, I go to 240kts. Then, I slow down for landing.

You must be nosediving from FL20 TO 2000FT if you get a speed violation, if you need to get somewhere down or up sonewhat quick Ina. Safe way, spiral down or spiral up while checking your speed and traffic around you,

You were a bad boy for one day. The day will pass then you will be at grade 2

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This problem is already solved mate, no need for the post :)

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But it doesn’t even work because this isn’t necroposting…

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