Why am i lagging so much?

I am always lagging on my android phone even though they fixed agg, why do i keep lagging.

Delete and re-install IF. Make sure you have enough memory on your device.

What Device do you have? Reduce graphics settings and free up some RAM.
Restart device multiple times before a flight, hope this helps and let me know if this helps or not.

This might be because of a bad internet connection. Do you know if your internet is strong?

Try lowering the settings

If my previous post didn’t work, here are some helpful tips you could try out to reduce the amount of lag:

1. hide minimap, it has performance problems, we will most likely have a fix in the next update
2. turn off Anti Aliasing (graphics settings)
3. set “rendering resolution” to medium or low (graphics settings)
4. set “rendering quality” to medium or low (graphics settings)
5. make sure “Limit FPS” stays on (this should always be on even with recent device to avoid overheating or draining your battery)
6. reduce Live airplane count (Live settings)
7. go to a less busy server/area

Hope this helps! Have a great day!


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