Why am i buying PRO more expensive?

Hello, today i buy infinite flight. My friend told me 1 year cost is 4 Dollars (PRO), but in my country it’s 550₺ but the cost of 4 dollars is 33₺ in my country but why i buying more expensive of that? It should be 33₺ is it a scam?

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Sorry, I misunderstood your question in my first reply. The one year Pro Subscription costs more than 4$ 😊

Here’s a list of the USD prices. Maybe your friend was referring to the 1 month subscription? With the exchange rate between USD and the Turkish Lira, this could be about right.


It seems your friend got it wrong, I believe the current price of Infinite Flight worldwide is $0.99 USD for the app itself or 8₺. A year subscription is $79.99 USD or about 653₺.

And adding on, a month subscription is $9.99 USD or 81.52₺ ^^^

IMG_20210409_092341 It’s says 4 dollars the screenshot my friend send me


That’s edited in some way. There’s no place on Earth where a full year PRO is $4.00.


If that is actually genuine then that’s kinda funny…but I doubt it.

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Wow If It is, Many people Like it lol

just joke

Ask your friend to send a video of him going into the app and then to the subscription page.

You can’t photoshop video so we will see if its genuine that way.

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I think your friend forgot to tell its…

April fools!!

Well, okay thanks.

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