Why am I bad at landings?!

Hello there, Infinite Flight Community! I am a 14-year-old pilot and some time ago I was playing this flight sim called AFPS. Its reviews are terrible, frankly. And while I was browsing through the PlayStore, IF caught my attention. I’ve seen this sim reviewed in many videos and it’s amazing. I downloaded it and started to fly.

Now, I’m not a bad pilot. But the part in a flight that freaks everyone out is(you guessed it!), the final and landing. And to be honest, I suck at it. Every time I land, I create the next Asiana 214.
I would really appreciate it if you gave me some tips and tricks to improve my landing skills.

Meanwhile, here are my statistics-

Descent FPM- Around 500 FPM
Speed during-
Descent- Coming down from 250 knots
Approach- Around 195-200 knots
Touchdown- Around 160-170 knots
Usually, it dips down to 150 by the time the gears hit the ground.

(P.S.- I fly the Boeing 747(400))



One of the best bits of advice I can give to practice landings, is to practice on solo first. Start off with no wind, and then slowly add more and more wind as you gain practice and you’ll be able to fine tune your landings whilst also building your ability to better land in crosswind situations.

I also recommend taking a look through the tutorials for aircraft as they often provide good configurations for landings (and takeoff) for that matter.

I also strongly recommend this topic linked below, that includes all aircraft takeoff and landing profiles:

Hope this helps you out mate!


Hey welcome to the community, there are a lot of things that could affect your landing. I would recommend looking at the landing profile for your aircraft. Also as the above user said practice and remember everyone make mistakes a few weeks ago I was doing a flight when on final I forgot to cheek speed and I plummeted towards the earth. Also there are some pretty useful YouTube tutorial both be IF and other users about specific aircraft and landings

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Thanks a lot, guys!


Well, 160kts is a bit fast, 150 is pushing it, I say landing around 140-150 kts is good, make sure you have set you trim appropriately to your aircraft, (for most aircraft I set it to around-30% on final) make sure you are in the glideslope and land with one red on white lights, on the landing marks, land back gears first ofc, and flare, remember, not every landing needs to be butter, as irl almost no landings are under say -100FPM, but it does not need to be a Ryanair landing either, hope this helps!

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I must say that the most important thing is practice, practice, practice. Play with different wind and visibility settings in Solo, spawn at final approach and utilize the “20s ago” when you think you’re not performing well. Then after you have familiarized with the handling, try flying in multiplayer with live weather.

I used to smash every landing in the early days of my IF career, but now with 500+ landings in Live (and countless in Solo) I’m pretty confident to butter most of the plane every time.

Wish you all the best and welcome to the community!


Omg I feel u lmao


It seems you come down fast. Try going a speed between 140-150

Cut the throttle at 20 feet but not too fast as well.

The 747 needs a LOT of trim too for landing compared to other aircraft. In my experience I’ve had to use between 80-100%

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The descent doesn’t really matter if you want to improve your landing. From cruise to the altitude you are descending to, 500 FPM is just too shallow of a descent rate and the 747-400 can easily descent faster.


A tip from me is to try out the A330 or B777 first. These are two very easy to fly airplanes and are also easy to land. That’s how I got the grip on almost every A/C. @Declan_O has given you a good link which helped a lot of us here in the community. Practice on solo and mess around with winds and direction to get a better feel like he said. It may takes a while but in the end you’ll butter every landing. And hey, you’re not a bad pilot! We all started like that ;)

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I think your landings are bad because you are to fast during touchdown. You should really try to land at 135/140 kts and you’ll see that your landings will be much smoother than now !
Good luck !

Attitude + Power = performance. Pitch for your airspeed, power for your aim point. Think slow motion. Also the 747 isn’t really up to standard in this game so I don’t blame you


Here’s a quick guide, everyone learns different when it comes to flying but we all do exactly the same thing whilst in control so just have patience and watch lots of tutorials.

Start on a smaller aircraft. The 747 is heavy and quite old so choose a newer aircraft. Weight, wind, temperature, power etc all affect how you will land!

You should start off with the Wind at 0 knots, midday and normal temperatures for the area and make sure each time you restart, that the aircraft weight and weather settings are identical. Remember that temperature has an effect because cold air is more dense but when it’s warmer the air is less dense, resulting in a change of lift.

Use your auto land to line you up then take manual control and hold the approach and aim for the numbers 😉 If you’re too high you can drop altitude by reducing power and if you’re too low l you can climb by increasing power, however once you do this you will have to apply gently pressure to the controls to hold your line on the numbers. I suggest you practice this and you will see the effect of just using the power to control the altitude, you will dip or raise your nose to control speed and when you put this all together it will glide it perfectly.

Depending on the aircraft and the weather, as you come in to touchdown you’re going to want to pull the power at about 50 feet and then gently start raising the nose, hold at about 5° - 10° and let the aircraft sink. Once the main wheels have touchdown and the aircraft is stable activate reverse thrusters until about 40 knots and apply breaking where necessary. If the nose is hanging in the air you can apply the brakes and apply some back pressure so the nose doesn’t come down too fast.

Don’t get too annoyed as landings are not easy and as somebody that flies in the real world I can tell you it takes a lot of practice but once you get everything t0 working together then you will be flying, cough… I’ll get my coat!!

Have a look at the below video, it maybe in a C172 but all fixed wing aircraft follow the same principle.

Approach & Touchdown C172

You know the best way to get to Carnegie Hall?
Practice Practice Practice! A feel for something comes after you have repeatedly done something over and over and over… it’s been said in your previous comments above is to start on solo… I spent a year on just solo before I even thought about getting a pro sub and that was only recently… do touch and go’s, lots of them, start small and work your way up the food chain of aircraft, some are extremely difficult, some are easy, but flight is flight, all airplanes act in the same manner, but behave differently, to know your aircraft is to spend time with her, with every different flap setting there is a different speed and trim,… I could literally go on and on and on, but I will leave you to your devices, do your best to land… every time! If something is not working the way you think it should, try a different approach to it, trial and error till you succeed… is what we are all out here doing! Good luck young pilot! You will do fine!

Greetings and welcome to the community
A tip I can give is to always calibrate before you disengare AP or learn Approach Mode which lands your plane for you. Like @Declan_O said, I would look at aircraft profiles as well which show landing speeds, trim, flaps, flares, etc etc. Another thing like @FlightGT said is to practice. I used to suck at landings too and we all start somewhere, but practice makes perfect :).

Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions

Thanks a million, everyone. I’ll be sure to utilize all your tips and try to make my landings smoother.

Hello, first of all your landing are pretty fast, usually airplanes ranging from a 737 to an a380 have a touchdown speed of around 120kt-145kt, and your exceeding that speed so I would recommend try going slower like around 135kt would be pretty good, remember if your light and ur approaching at 135kt don’t use full flaps it is not necessary and will pitch your nose down, however if your heavy and approaching at 135kt use full flaps so you have more lift second of all you can go into settings and put the sensitivity down so it won’t be as hard to hold your iPad or phone extremely steady, I myself have my sensitivity at around 25% it really helps, and third, on final try to go around -700 ft/ m but once your around 100-150 feet above the runway you can bring it back to around -200 to -300 ft/m your landing will be very smooth trust me.

Hey guys!! I decided to try out your advice on a small flight from WSSS(Singapore Changi) to WMKK(Kuala Lumpur International), and the flight was so smooth. A beautiful take-off, smooth cruise, steady descent, a nice approach, and a smooth buttery landing right on the centerline. And my speed during touchdown was 135 knots exact!

Thanks a lot for your advice and tips, they were really helpful. Hope I can keep buttering.
(And this was probably the first time I used reverse thrust😅. Didn’t know how to do it before!!)


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