Why am I back at grade 2

Hi there so I opened infinite flight and I was about to fly in the expert server and I saw my grade was 2 here is a photo:

My last level 2/3 violation was almost 2 months ago How did this happen?

The problem is because of the 90 day landings. You have to have the ones you request for G3

You need to get more landings.

As you can see, your Landings in the past 90 days statistic is at 5, and you need 15. I recommend doing some patterns to get landings quickly.

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Oh okay I forget how many landings I’ve made

You’ve done 5 landings.

Do 10 more to get grade 3.

TIP: Hop in an E-170 and do tight patterns at both of EGLL’s runways. You should get around 10 landings in 15 minutes. Do this in casual of course.

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Kedw Rodgers dry lake airport is the best place to go rack up your landings your spoilt for choice with the amount of runways their the best aircraft I find for doing it is the Cessna 208 should be back to grade 3 then quickly.

Yeah it happens if your not as active on IF. Your 90 day landing number goes down. Doing pattern work on the CS would be recommended at KLAX or KDFW (fastest method) since it worked for me and other people🙂

Hope this helps!

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