Why always American jets?


Why there are only American fighter jets ?

This is one of my daily thoughts when thinking about Infinite Flight. As no one has asked before I feel free to do it now!

First off, I understand that Infinite Flight is a flight simulator developed in the United States and the majority of players is North American (estimation). Although this doesn’t mean that Infinite Flight doesn’t try to be as international as possible e.g. many different liveries from all around the globe, 3D buildings on every continent and much more! The question is why the developers don’t think about adding another military aircraft (definitely needed in the near future) which is not from the US. Don’t get me wrong! I have absolutely nothing against the US and I enjoy flying the F-22 etc. but I would also like to have the ability to choose from other countries, too. I’m sure something like a Saab JAS 39 Gripen, an Eurofighter or a Dassault Rafale wouldn’t be a bad addition. Personally, I’m also really interested in Russian fighter jets but I think this could be a bit more complicated due to real life tensions between the US and Russia. However, they should give it a try at least.

What is your opinion about this topic ? Feel free to comment below!
Note: Please respect other opinions and stay calm as I’m aware of the fact that discussions like this can get out of control very fast.


In Infinite Flight, developers take polls from the community on which aircraft they would like added to the simulator. For the last few years, the community has mostly voted commercial jets. If you would like to vote for a certain aircraft to be added feel free to create a feature request for it or vote for one that has already been requested. The military jets in Infinite Flight just happen to be some of the more popular military jets.

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Well, personally I would be more than happy with any fighter newly developed, no matter to which country it belongs. Unfortunately the majority of the IF community loves commercial aviation.


Modern mostly… I’d love to see some actual old aircraft, and since this topic is about fighters, the A-4 would be cool, or any other classic fighter jet from anywhere in the world


Personally, I believe it’s time to get some European or Russian fighters. Jets like the MiG 29 or Eurofighter would be great. I also think it would be nice to see some older aircraft, like the MiG 21 or F4 Phantom.


I think at this point we would be happy with anything. It somewhat resembles irl the military always gets neglected or forgotten.


Agree with all of you guys!


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