Why Airlines are reducing First Class seats?

This is a question I’m wondering these days. As Example, recently when SQ launched the new cabin, it was revealed that there are only 4 F seats available (Reduced from 8). Same case like AF. While Lufthansa is planning to remove all F seats on MUC based aircrafts. And CX planned to not use F on It’s A350-1000. Is it true that F demands are going downhill right now?

Well, first of all think how much does a first class seat cost. The 95% of the people cant afford it or they think is too much. This leds that the first class cabin is usually not full. So why are you going to keep 4 luxury seats that nobody is going to take if you can put 8-10 more tourist seats that you know are going to be full.
Thats my opinion dont know if its correct.


Cause they charge way to much💸

I think you’re right. Especially on some carriers (Like GA as example, Their F to AMS/LHR are mostly empty rather than full). Even SQ or CX which served many premium routes (Also because of their strategic hubs) are sometimes can’t fill their F

Yes and the airlines dont want to lose money. Also you do your first class more special.

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Because the difference nowadays from C to F is so minor, there is not really a point in F anymore. The removal of F also allows airlines to install more Y seats or a Y+ cabin and thus reduce cost per seat. With a lower cost per seat, they can offer tickets cheaper than the competition and win customers.


Because often they cannot fill these seats - most business class products are not far off from first class these days.
Look how good the Singapore Airlines business class suite is. Why pay more?

And many people riding in first class are upgrades, and probably can’t afford the full ticket price.

Plus bizjet hire is sometimes competitive with the cost of First Class travel. If you buy a block of hours from a business jet operator like Netjets (Private Jet Card) it works out as good value.


@LSZH34 @Stephen_Smith
I think both of you’re right, Today, First Class only offers full privacy and bigger space, while the rest of the features already available on Business with cheaper prices.

Yes this is true with Qatar Airways they only have Economy and Business Seating in the B787 and that offers the best balance for them

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I think they did this in relation to the introduction of the Premium Economy seats

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