Why Airbus’s aircraft call “Airbus A350-900”

I just got curious why they put A even it says Airbus already? #real-world-aviation

This should be in #real-world-aviation
Also, it’s branding

People that don’t know about Airbus would never guess “Airbus” from “A”? Maybe just marketing to make sure their whole name appears.

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The “a” is for airbus just like the “B” in b787 stands for Boeing.

So based on what you said, it will be like Airbus Aeroplane 350( or whatever the number goes in here) ?

If A is standing for Airbus, then it will be like Airbus Airbus (numbers). Is it wired?

I believe it actually stands for airliner to differentiate from there helicopters and mil planes


Here is a interesting fact on where the first A came from.

First commercial aircraft manufactured by Airbus was Airbus A300. Here A in A300 stands for Airbus. Airbus thought 300 will be the number of passengers in that aircraft. But later on, they realized that 300 passengers are a bit too much. For better performance, they reduced the number of passengers to 260 and named their aircraft A300B.



It’s just how it is. The A has always meant airbus and is a shortened version of airbus 350. But everyone including airbus themselves have gotten used to calling it an airbus A350

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“A” is for Airbus as:

“B” for Boeing
“C” for Cessna
“CRJ” for Canadair Regional Jet
“E” for Embraer
“ERJ” for Embraer Regional Jet
“MD” for McDonnell Douglas

It’s the manufacturer name in every scenario. 🙂


When i’m Looking for aircraft in Infinite flight, and it says Airbus A (###). Like why there is A after Airbus and number.

Because that’s what it’s called. Even though it sounds weird no one says airbus airbus 350.

Okay this is fine, except: embraer does EMB-xxx if it is not an ERJ or E-jet, and Cessna and Boeing don’t do stuff like this: B747 and C172. They are occasionally used but it’s not proper.

Its symbolizing the aircraft manufacture. You could call it a manufacture designator like there are aircraft type designators.

If you think about it, we call Boeing aircraft Boeing 737, Boeing 747, etc. Almost in a way that is more “formal”. But we often call Airbus type aircraft by their type designators A320, A340, A350, A380 etc. Just a random thought