Why 787 liveries are being rolled out slowly(my thoughts)

Okay, lately I have fallen in thoughts about 787 liveries, due to fact that there are a lot of requests.
So as we can see, same liveries are posted multiple times and at the moment (topic creation time) we have:
Royal Jordanian
Royal Air Morocco
Oman Air
Air Austral
TUI (edited)
Qatar (edited)
… Did I forgot something else?

So I have two possible reasons why we see same liveries multiple times in sneak peeks.

1.) I haven’t heard FlightCast episode, where Laura explains, what it takes to make livery. So pardon me, but I think, maybe they are waiting for some airlines to approve that, that they can use their livery, maybe some kind of negotiations (only my thoughts)

2.) As 787 will have really high detailed textures, it takes longer time and more precision to create livery, so this could be another reason.

Feel free to share your thoughts, but remember that i am not being anyone to release update faster or this is taking too long, I’m just giving my brain a subject to constructively work on 😁


Can a regular or can you edit to add TUI livery in

Sorry, forgot that one☺

This is completely random, most liveries are done before the plane is even put into the game for the BETA Testers, it’s just Laura not wanting to give them out all out once, but to spread hype while they are still fixing bugs.


Qatar Airways.

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Uuuups… My bad

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Okay, in total, there’s 63 787-8/9/10 operators, from which many haven’t received none of planes, so exclude private persons and leasing company’s and 787-10 operators, we have 50 operators left 22 operators which operates or have , just 787-8, 15 operators with both 787-8/9 and 13 operators with just 787-9, so average, we can expect around 26 liveries per plane if they add all of them.

If we look back to last three updates, then we see that A319/20/21 have 22 liveries each and Dash-8 have 25 liveries, so this is not mission impossible to have all commercial operator liveries on 787-8/9.

If data is correct, then Royal Jordanian have only 1 787-8 and yet it was first to be added


To my knowledge I don’t think there was one? I’ve listened to the last few and Laura wasn’t in them. Unless its an older episode I’m unaware of.

She could have explained it while she was still Matt, too.

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Same person, lets stay on topic.

@AmericanAirlines i think this should be the one http://flightcast.audio/podcast/episode-14-infinite-flight-developers-part-2/

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Please learn how to use commas.


Well, you see, English is not my native language and yes, I’m not really good at grammar, I’m putting commas as I would do that in Latvian. Is it really biggie? Does that caused some complications to read and understand text properly? If yes, then I need to get English teacher as soon as possible 😊


It’s not that bad. I’m just giving you a hard time. ;)
You should put more periods instead of just commas to break up your thoughts into smaller sentences.


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