Why 250 kts is a limited airspeed in PG and Advanced servers?

I saw all pilots on playground and Advanced servers are flying with more 250 kts !! All of them !!
If i want to fly with more 250 kts I’ll get reported ?!
Here’s some pictures 👇


They are all above 10,000 feet so it’s ok. That rule only applies when you are below 10k feet


All of those people are above 10,000 feet. As long as you are above it, you can go as fast ask you like.

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Because its a real life speed limit.

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You must stay below 250 knots if you’re under 10,000ft. You can fly as fast as you’d like over 10,000.


It’s only a speed limit upto 10,000 feet anything above that altitude and you can go as above 250kts you only get a violation of you go above the speed below the altitude above.

Hope this helps

Okay that was rapid fire. I think he gets the point now lol


As you could see, they are all above 10,000 feet so there is no speed limit above 10,000. If they were under 10,000 feet then this is when they shouldnt exceed 250kts.

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Ok if i want fly above 10.000 feet in playground I’ll get reported too !! 😔

Incorrect … If you fly above 10,000 feet, then you can fly any speed you want.


For example @Abdulrhman990, on PG, when I’m in a fighter, a climb to FL700 😂 And speed up to Mach 2.5 (~1400 kts) No violation

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Cap here is correct. It might be hard to get your head around, but it’s actually the ground speed. Let me tell you this its harder for us ATC to manage the speeds on approach.


Why is it harder to work with ground speed? That’s the only real speed, right?
To over exaggerate; when I’m flying at 100 kts with a headwind of 100 kts, I’m not moving at all!
It seems practical that ATC works with ground speed. In this case 0 kts.

Or do you mean getting the right airspeed to match the ground speed you’re looking for in a sequence?

I’m not an ATC so I really don’t know how it works. Just wondering.

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In a way Jan, good question. For me it’s harder to manage since the violations work with airspeed. With us ATC working with ground speed. This is extremely hard to manage on aircraft, well for me anyhow.

Even getting higher aircraft to slow to a practical speed, with lower aircraft. Since the higher aircraft, the higher it’s reading on Ground speed.

If that didn’t make sense he’s an example:

  • I need to descend this aircraft under FL100 but his speed reads 340kts (ground speed)

  • If I call him to match 250kts he may mistake for ground speed and go 210kts airspeed. That will let his behind aircraft catch up and get to close. It’s just hard to get ya head around sometimes.

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the fact is.

when atc tell pilots to reduce to 210kts, a lot of pilots dont realize you mean “ground speed” and he take down the speed to 210 IAS (then 240-260 GS) and this is what ATC saw (260kts).
This is why its a bit confusion for the pilot if he dont know that.


We have this rule to ensure we (IFATC members) don’t have pilots coming in at 350 knots trying to land. Also makes it hard to sequence.

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I didn’t know that!! Red faced!
So when ATC specifies a certain speed it’s ALWAYS ground speed??

ATC Speed commands are always in air speed. So go to the airspeed specified.

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That’s the opposite of what @grxninesix stated!