Why 14?

Idk if this should be on atc or general but whatevs. I’m trying to be IFATC, I have almost 900 ops, I’m grade 3, TL1, my violations to landing is 35%, and the last time I was ghosted was at the beginning of the summer so why do I have to wait until December to apply to be atc? Is there like a specific reason that I don’t see/understand? I don’t think so

Maturity comes with age. When You are 14 & older, You are a different person. It’s just an age requirement.


Maturity comes with experience, not with age


And experience comes with age. It’s all a correlation.


Because that’s the rules.

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The real question is Why Not 13? 🧐

They are no exception if you were going to ask, just patience ✌️

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Why do you have to be 18 to drive a car? I mean, you could learn it with 15 already. But there are rules. They have to set a number somewhere.

Just a little more patience and you’ll be there in no time! 😊


When did 14 become “mature?”


Was just about to ask, but then again there is always a reason for it.

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More mature than a lesser age.

I don’t know Tyler’s reasoning for the age requirement. Just speculation on my end.

High enough to prevent toddlers from controlling, but low enough so IFATC has enough staffing - 🤷‍♂️


It’s exactly what you would expect.

One, you have to have an IFC account. You have to be 13 to do that. I think adding a single year to when you can legitimately even be online on a forum is a bare minimum stringency.


Absolutely, it also gives you 12months to get to grips with the Community Guidelines, to learn and develop your flying AND controlling, and prove that you can demonstrate the level of professionalism and maturity expected

They have to draw a line somewhere. The IFC isn’t that old.

Reason and conclusion is this topic.