Whose mistake?

When I was controlling ATC for airport EGLL on ground frequency I see two aircraft leading in same time in runway

If this is training server there is nothing you can do it is training server no one listens.


ATC appears to have been using the 27 runways, so the guy facing right, aka rw 09, is ‘at fault’ but since it’s TS1 we can’t expect full realism

Unfortunately it’s a training server

Also in ground control somebody not listens to you

I ask him to taxi to 27L runway but he go to 09R runway

All aircraft it’s leading from 27L

In the end, the pilot has a responsibility as well even when ATC made a mistake. For example, when I’m cleared for takeoff but I see a plane coming from the opposite direction, I won’t take off. I wait until everything is clear. Humans make mistakes. That’s just natural and that’s also why it’s always important to keep both eyes open. Four eyes see more than two.


What the options I can use to inform him that not allowed to taxi

On Training? You can take the plane, fly to their home and yell at them. Maybe then they’ll understand.

No for real, on Training Server you can tell them to “Hold Position” but they probably just won’t. There are a few good lads out there, even on Training. But a lot of the rest just do what they want. Absolutely chaotic.

For you: Give your best, and maybe from time to time someone listens. That’s when the effort was worth it. You’ll get better and at one point you might be able to join IFATC.


There are none. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with the “me first” crowd a lot on TS. I’d highly recommend becoming IFATC since you’ll be able to ghost people who interfere like that.

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This is training so it’s most likely inexperienced pilot error or a bad tower controller

Ground ATC under miscellaneous has ‘please wait for clearance before taxiing’.

But I suspect Marc’s idea of yelling at them after ringing their doorbel may have more effect.

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