Whose cooler, your tiny grumman or the F-18s?

Aviation is pretty cool and this is the reason why! Check this video out, In it, a private pilot and YouTuber flying a 1972 Grumman AA-5 Traveler gets called out by air traffic control before landing to a pair of Marine F/A-18 Hornets from VMFA-112 “Cowboys” waiting to take off on a parallel runway. The tower refers jovially to the incoming light plane as a “tiny little Grumman.”

The Grumman continues on final approach for a touch and go and the Hornets soon come into view taking position on the parallel runway prior to takeoff. One of the Hornet pilots responds “good looking tiny little Grumman though, I tell you what.” The Grumman pilot replies back “your’s is good lookin’ too, thank you very much!”


I saw this earlier, totally cool


That is so cool! That guy should feel extremely lucky!

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I love the tiny little grummans. Best planes made.

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