Who's your IF aircraft expert?

I am not trying to bombard anyones PM’s but I was just wondering who do you guys PM when you have a question about a plane in IF? Please name the plane and person. I know some of you just do trial and error in solo but for those of you who dont…

Reason why I am asking is because I know some of you have your preferences as to what plane to fly. But lets say you want to use a new aircraft, who do you usually ask for settings, advice, etc?

I never private messaged them, but @Laurens and @Aernout are pretty knowledgable


hmm maybe I can develop an expert’s list.

@Laurens and @Aernout what are your favorite planes to fly? if someone asked you a question(about its use in IF) do you feel you can answer them?

They’re both very friendly on answering questions regarding aviation and IF

I’ve always answered to everyone who asked me for help with Infinite Flight (via PM).

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Mark Denton can help you out too.


Usually I would ask @B767fan.

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i suppose he is an expert on the 767?

Yea and a lot of other aircraft too.

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What help do you need @Alan_Perez?

personally I am trying to get the takeoff speed and settings for the A321 and the Q400. I can seem to get a nice smooth takeoff. But I thought it would be cool to see who other people in the community turn to for advice. Could be beneficial for all.

Try searching for the V speeds of the A320 family and the Dash Q400. I found this performance chart, which has the V speeds of the A320 at flaps 1 through 3. It can´t be very different when compared to the A321.
Use trim to help you out when taking off and landing.

Never needed to ;)

@Aernout, @Mark_Denton, @anon66442947 and @Brandon_Sandstrom sometimes


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