Who's Going to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh ?

Hi Infinite Flight community. I’m just making this so other people can see who is going to Oshkosh and maybe have people meet up at Oshkosh. If you’d like to be included on this list, please list your name the plane you will be flying and the Identification Number. (if you like) If you are trying to go you can put your name down too and maybe you can figure out a way to go with someone from the community.

I know their are other threads about oshkosh but they’re either saying that the person who posted it going or people asking what to do at oshkosh ;)

Who’s going:

Who’s trying to go:
@natedog508 - Reason: Don’t have a way to get there
@CaptAC- Reason: Has to plan everything out. If he does go would be in his Citation

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I am still on the edge, i have to plan it all out, but if i do go, me and my friend are taking our Citation up there :)

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I would like too go. Still hoping there’s a chance

I will most likely be going. My first time! I can’t wait to take some awesome pictures. Put me under “trying to go.” Thanks.

I just joined EAA, so I might not be going XD

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Unfortunately I will not, but I feel like I deserve a participation trophy for how many times I have buged my dad about it…


If it is a repeat you can close it if necessary

Thinking about going. Not quite sure yet.

We’re going to try and plan an IF meet up sometime during the week. I also have some free IF merch to give away to the first person that finds me there!

oh okay this is sort of a repeat. My bad, you can close if you’d like devs/mods

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