Whoops in my Town: Aviation News

Image Source: https://www.koin.com/news/local/multnomah-county/f-15-headed-toward-emergency-landing-in-portland/1796574609

Mega clickbait here. I am turning into Mark 2.0. Well, this had me on the ground laughing and concerned because it happened right in my home town.

An F-15 made an emergency landing #123rdHoorah

Jokes aside, an F-15 with the 123rd made an emergency landing to KPDX after experiencing gear issues.

According to KOIN6 "At 8:46 a.m., an aircraft emergency alert Level 2 was declared. It is not clear what the exact issue is with the landing gear.

The plane landed with incident around 12:38 p.m. Several emergency vehicles and a fire truck met the plane along with an emergency vehicle at the end of runway 28-L at PDX."

This was strange and funny at the same time because I was not expecting an aviation accident here.
There is only one message I have for them, mission failed we’ll get em next time.

Seriously, this was serious. However, nobody was hurt and the aircraft was fine. Details to come.

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lol I only glanced at the pic and thought it was Russian 😂



It is not an SU-35.

Lol. I said I GLANCED at it.

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That is exactly what I though! :)

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Once had an F15 declare emergency fuel over the ocean to which center called for airspace I didn’t even own. Sometimes pilots fail to plan

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Whelp, flying for you sometimes.

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