Whole FPL Copied, About to Have a Midair Collision

Hello IFC,

I recently took off from RKSI to KIAD, and someone copied my whole FPL for the entire flight. We are about to have a midair collision as all our altitudes are the exact same with the same fixes.

The user appears to be unresponsive. What is the best course of action?

Thanks for all your help! πŸ™‚

If there is no atc covering the airspace there is nothing you can do, you could change heading or altitude to avoid them though

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If you already messaged him and they are unresponsive, the best plan would be to either climb or descend out of their flight path. πŸ™‚

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You can also change your FPL slightly


This has happened to me. As everyone said It would be a good Idea to change heading or altitude if this happens to you again

Thanks for the help, I’ll monitor as best I can in addition. Problem is that this is a 13.5 hour flight and we just took off.

It appears that we will be entering a center airspace soon though, so hopefully some luck there as well.

It’s super annoying when people just copy FPLs. I absolutely hate it


If spacing is going to be an issue, I sometimes give myself 360s so that the problem is solved and we can both continue without any issues


Change your altitude.


Have Fun!

On a serious note though, when I’m about to encounter one of these situations, I disengage auto pilot, turn right or left and descend or climb immediately to avoid crashing or in this case colliding with them.

I hope this helps for next time, or if it is about to happen!


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