Whole flight/atc vid by professional

Hé everyone,
yesterday i got an idea while eating diner, i don’t know if it’s a good one but: is it maybe an idea for a professional pilot/IFATC like Mark denton or Tyler or someone else to make a video of their flight or their atc session?
I think this will answer a lot of questions that people have, bc they’ll see what a good pilot/IFATC looks like and what they do.

Let me know if this idea is stupid or not or if their are already some really good IF-pilots/IFATC out there who make vids about it. Don’t understand me wrong, this is not me saying that their are only a couple of good pilots/IFATC! Just trying to learn new stuff here that i’m maybe doing wrong in my flights (-;

Mark has created a video/tutorial on using ATC during your flight that you can check out here if you’d like to perfect your skills;

Regarding ATC sessions,
You can check out some videos of IFATC controlling if you’d like from the ATC Education Group’s YouTube channel run by @Trio :)

Additionally, you can also check out some sessions/tutorials in this playlist here created by the Infinite Flight Team ;

Hope this helps!


There are quite a few ATC who stream on the advanced server. Here’s one :)

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I learned a lot personally by watching the two after hours videos by Tyler:

Yes, this really helps! Saw most of them already but there are some good tips in here to, thank you!

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Didn’t watch those yet, doing it now!
Thanks a lot!

This topic can be closed now, thanks everyone for their answers and help!

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