Who would like to do a flight from EDDL to EHKD? [CANCELED]

Who would like to fly from Dusseldorf to De Kooy? I’ll be in an A-10 (since It’ll be in AP all the way). If you’d like to fly with me, I’d suggest being a Military jet (since it’s a small runway). I will be at EDDL and I will be in Expert Server. My Cruising Altitude will be 12,000ft. Anyone, even the Mods, can join if they desire :)

My location: EDDL Remote V11

EHKD Is A Military base, so I’d suggest you use a Military jet.

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Sorry my live expired yesterday -_- but I will have more soon!

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No problem. :3

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Love to! I have live+, so KLM 737-700 or 737-900

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EHKD is a Military base. I’d suggest a Military aircraft

Let me test the F-22 out, I’ll get back to you in 15 minutes.

alright. I’ll be here.

I will be in a holding pattern at EDDL if anyone wants to know

Hey guys, no one really came in to fly with me. I decided to call this flight off due to people not coming.

I’m available now lol.

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