Who would be interested in a flight school?

@Thomas_Galvin @B767fan @emir_sergio @scandinaviangroup @JDE1303 @Ben_ny @anon43874684 @BavariaAVIATION

Please sign up on the Google doc above :)


Already did.


Or maybe upload a YouTube video about the topic?

Done! But maybe you want ask for the name on the form?

We have the 10 character rule for a reason Thomas.


Filled it out. Hope that you’ll accept me :)

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I think that would be a great idea.

I am interested in instructor and student. Switching that circle in the form up and down ATM :D


We have a lot of instructors so we might have to restrict the flow of them and/or remove some if the students base doesn’t build up…

You should put the main focus on those flying around on FF, which do not have ATC experience yet. That group of pilots is not very broad though and hardly here on the forum. I will sign up as instructor, if you don’t need any more, just throw me out ;)


Ive never heard of this fantasy rule. ;)

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I’d much rather go to a school like Embry riddle or the us air force academy than a regular flight school.

That was the most unproductive and unnecessary sentence I’ve seen all day. Is there an embry riddle for IF? Embry riddle isn’t even that good in real life…

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I’m insterested !

Both, the first and then the second 😎

I would do it. Please consider me for both rules.

Hence the second part of the sentence “or the us air force academy”

Thanks to everyone interested we will be making an announcement within the next week or so and begin bringing in students. And instructors as it grows.

I’ve done the form!