Who works on the plane models?

I am kind of curious who works on plane models and airport models

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These fine folks and a whole lot more airport editors


Very nice, shoutout to all of these amazing individuals for working as hard as they do! But I feel like there could be a lot more if there were more editors, anyways thank you! :D

Currently 474 airport editors. Most tinkering away at some airport or two.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”


How would I apply to be an editor I have a few airports I’d possibly like to try and make in mind ;)

Right here 😊

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And special thanks @CK777 🥸 because i am a headache🤕

Wow is all I can say!
Thanks to everyone who puts their blood swear and tears Into this amazing game

Dont you dare press that ‘prune’ button 🤣

Excuse me? PRUNE??

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