Who wished that the buildings and clouds are ready to be used

Good afternoon infinite flight community i hope you are doing well.
Who wishes that the terminals and the clouds are already out for use,
can somebody tell me when is it going to be released?

I’m gonna say that’s gonna happen before 2022 Or July but idk

Actually I don’t wish. I have faith that the team is working very very hard behind the scenes to make this update up to their quality standards. I’m sure you wouldn’t want a broken update or an update with issues.


Trust me, as a community member for over 5 years, the wait is always worth the quality updates that infinite flight releases. There are always hidden surprises, and unexpected new features released with each new update.

Im excited for buildings and clouds however I know the longer we wait, the better they’ll be in the long run. So i’m satisfied.

Edit: I checked my account join date and to my surprise it says 2016, so ive actually been here just over 5 years. I just did not start posting until recently.

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I mean technically, they are out for use for someone since IFLLC keeps sharing some cool teasers on social media. I’m patiently waiting and excited though 😍


@infiniteflight_17 you are correct

Patience young grasshopper. 😀

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@Lavoe787 It’s a virtue ;)



I think it’s safe to say we all do! I know Laura and Philippe certainly did when they launched this vision 10 years ago.

Development and testing is going quite well and those WIP photos speak for themselves. The best way to hear about progress and app update news is to turn on notifications for the #announcements channel, follow us on Social Media @infiniteflight, or stay up to date via the blog at blog.infiniteflight.com.

We’ll always communicate things as soon as we can and can’t wait to share this absolutely massive milestone with you!