Who wished that the buildings and clouds are ready to be used

Hello Infinite flight community how are you? Lets hope that the buildings, taxi lights and all the new things announced are released fast because we are so so excited that it is coming to the game. I hope the infinite flight developers get it done by the next update.
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I’m extremely excited as well! As we wait, Buildings & Clouds Q&A I’d check out this topic for more news as they progress

The team will work as fast as they can while ensuring they provide the quality standards they put out. We do not know how long it will take but they are working hard. :)

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We all do! I wouldn’t expect them anytime soon though… Global took roughly 2 years, and this is easily the biggest thing to happen to IF since global.

You as well🙃

Rome wasn’t built in a day, or “fast”

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Me too becuase ive been wishing this since I started flying the sim

Lest also hope the A220 is released too

I hope they take as much time as needed to make sure the result will be mindblowing. I’d suggest to not hope it will come anytime soon to prevent getting sad or even mad. Good comes to those who wait, so be patient, and let them do a good Job🙌


I’m pretty sure they will be releasing the A330 rework before the A220

lets hope they both come out at the same time

The infinite flight developers should ask people that want to help do the prject

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They won’t. 21.1 will only be the A333

Who wished that the buildings and clouds are ready to be used?

Who doesn’t? But let’s be patient. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait 🙌

In the meantime, here’s a little drawing of a building and a cloud. I hope it helps!